High Yielding Ethical UK Care Room Investment
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High Yielding Ethical UK Care Room Investment 



Many investors today are looking to invest in asset protected investment products that not only provide a secure and safe return on investment but also make a difference to society.  These investments often referred to as Ethical investments or Moral investments are becoming more mainstream and widely available. 

 Why Is There a Need for Care Home Rooms?

It’s no secret that care for the elderly is a major concern for the UK government. As recently as 17th August 2017, national press including The Telegraph and The Sun highlighted reports based on research headed up from the university of Newcastle that stated that an additional 70,000 care rooms will be needed before 2025 and a staggering 189,000 by 2035! 

Clearly in the present economic environment these rooms in the main will need to be privately funded which creates an opportunity for developers to acquire suitable buildings ranging from existing care homes in need of renovation and modernisation to under-performing hotels and commercial properties in areas of high demand. 

Local authorities are welcoming the change of use where required as they must be seen to be assisting social projects that ultimately benefit their community.


 Why Invest in Care Home Rooms? 

The demand seriously outweighs supply in this sector, of course it is sensible to ensure that you invest with reputable developers who understand this specialist sector and have the operating systems in place to manage the facility. At RBH we are working only with the best in the market and have undertaken extensive due diligence. In fact, we are sourcing product now for global leading real estate entities who have undertaken their own DD to ensure compliance for their client base of HNWI.


Investment Highlights:


  • Net returns of 10% paid monthly or quarterly
  • Exit in place with 110% buyback year 5 or 125% year 10
  • Asset protected title deed with leasehold
  • Payment paid from day one so no down money
  • No Stamp duty or added fees. (you just pay your lawyer)
  • Fully managed by in house operator
  • Head of facility is former Inspector of CQC (Care Quality Commission the UK regulatory body)


RBH are selling student accommodation units to individuals as well as assisting institutions and HNWI clients with bulk wholesale purchases. They can arrange for SPV company set up making purchase and exit strategy tax efficient.

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