Steve Long the founder of Right Buy Homes, an industry related, multiple award winning property agent, ex member of the board of directors at the AIPP, Association of International Property Professionals and the associations ambassador for Spain until 2014 gives his view on:

 the Spanish property market today:

You cannot argue with stats and facts!  After years of doom and gloom relating to the Spanish property sector it’s now proven that property sales are booming once again.

In August 2016 over 35 thousand property sale transactions were notarised and recorded in the land registry which is the biggest number recorded for 6 years. This is an increase of 20.3% from 2015.
The clear unrest and terrorism threats in tourist locations such as Turkey, Egypt, & Tunisia have undoubtedly focused the attentions of both holiday makers and tour related institutions with many existing companies increasing activity in Spain.

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EU Published Data Shows Spain Leads Construction Above All Member States
EU Data published shows that Spain leads the way in 2016 as predicted in terms of new property construction. There was a 20.6% rise compared to a year ago.  January figures state that the EU generally saw a rise of 4.4% meaning Spain is well ahead of rest. Only Sweden are close with 18% rise.

I am sure many of you are reading this thinking that Spain still has a stack of bank repos so why are they building more property!  The simple  answer is that unbeknown to most people it is a fact that  foreign hedge funds mainly from USA and Canada have purchased entities set up by the banks to hold stock.  These hedge funds have no desire to cash in quickly and can wait for the recovery period to repair the market.  They will of course sell along the way but not like a couple of years ago when banks were open to any realistic offer!  

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